Saturday, September 10, 2011

The internet makes me feel uncool, kinda like high school.

I am the most musically illiterate musician on earth.  I mean, relatively speaking.  I know stuff about classical music, although I no longer perform any of it.  I know some stuff about jazz music, because my husband is a fiend about it, and I absorb some of his reams and reams of knowledge occasionally.  But I know nothing whatever about pop music of any kind.  I hear some stuff, and I think "That's annoying," or "that's fun," but I feel too far behind the curve to ever catch up, and I don't even try to pay attention.

Except in the area of Kindie music.  I'm down with that scene.  I'm totally in the loop about when the next Randy Kaplan album will hit the internet.

When I was in high school and college I spent every extra dime on music: back then it was cassette tapes.  I could have built a very fragile house out of my collection of cassette tapes.  WhenI was in college, we started transitioning to CDs, but I felt hopeless about the prospect of actually duplicating my entire music collection on CD.  I could have bought a house if I'd had that kind of money.  A year after college I got married and we didn't have any extra dimes, so my music-buying went on, uh, Permanent Vacation.

I never watch American Idol; it's not just because the performers made me sad the ONE time I did see it, but because I don't recognize most of the songs, and don't really know if I should be sad for the singer or the original artist.  I don't watch Glee, because I don't get it for the same reasons. I wouldn't recognize Katy Perry if she sat on my lap.  Although if some chick sits on my lap now, I'll be sure to ask if it's her.  I don't really feel too sad about the whole thing.  I'm a grown up, and the first question people ask me when I meet them is no longer "So, what kind of music do you listen to?"  I haven't felt left out for the past 20 years.

Now I've got a Spotify account, and I feel overwhelmed by my options.  I find myself just listening to stuff that sounds like old New Order and Cure songs.  So I guess I haven't really come that far; and neither has pop music.  So maybe I'm more current than I think.

Oooh!  Look! I just caught up!

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