Wednesday, June 22, 2011

One of those days

So I had one.  I started the day by interviewing a guy so stoned on pain meds he couldn't remember what he was rifling through his files to find after he sat down in my office.  The real kicker: I hadn't asked him for anything.  He just kept turning pages back and forth while he vamped for time. Later I talked with a guy who kept referring to himself using the royal pronoun.  It's really not a good sign when an unaccompanied man keeps talking about things he needs in terms of "we." For my final time slot, I found myself in a co-worker's office invoking the Almighty to send me a no-show.  And I was NOT making jokes.

I finally left work, and had time for a pedicure, since my daughter's summer camp outing wasn't expected to return until 4:15.  Sadly, this did not really improve my mood.  We came home and I found myself so painfully short of patience that I just let Hannah watch Pinky Dinky Doo until her Dad came home. Finally, my dear, dear husband fed me dinner, for which I was not particularly hungry, and suddenly I was a human again.  It then occurred to me I had eaten a fast-food breakfast sandwich and a falafel patty today. Oh, and 2 miniature Snickers Bars.  Turns out all this time I was just food-deprived.

Or maybe it was the wine. And that commercial with Aretha Franklin is a lie.  Don't believe the hype.  If you find yourself acting like a diva, what you need is spaghetti and meat balls.  And did I mention the wine?

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