Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Greetings and Eructations

For some reason Hannah is obsessed with belching.  We were sitting at breakfast the last week when she remarked "I never had that burp before."
As though she's cataloguing them somewhere.
Me: What burp?
Hannah: With my mouth closed.
Me: Those are preferable, because they're more discrete.
Hannah: blank look.

Two days later, while she was in bath, I was blowing bubbles for her.  She found that when she coughed at one, it popped.  This set off a round of experimentation regarding how else she might pop bubbles other than by poking them. She finally got around to burping.
Hannah: I'll try a  burp.  I can always burp.
Me: Well that's important.
Hannah: Lengthy demonstration of 15 successive forced belches.

Interestingly, this was ineffective in popping bubbles. Hannah was disappointed, but she continued burping for its own sake.  Pretty soon she's going to be burp-talking. That will be a proud moment for us all.

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