Saturday, August 27, 2011

No, you can't borrow the car.

Hannah made her own breakfast today.  She didn't initially say anything, and if I hadn't been lying on the couch, mostly immobilized by my annual neck freeze-up, I might not have even known about it until I heard a crash.

Don't worry, Mom, there was no actual crash.

I did hear her moving her little step-stool around in the kitchen, and asked what she was up to.  She came out, carrying it, saying she wanted to make her own breakfast, but couldn't reach the cereal which is stored on top of the refrigerator.  Being the helpful mother that I am, I suggested a kitchen chair, because
a.) She said she wanted to do it herself
b.) Didn't I mention the neck problem? It's painful to move.
c.) I happened to know there were only about 12 ounces of milk left in the carton, so any mess would be reasonable for her to clean up herself.

So. Ten minutes later, with breakfast managed on her own, she sat at the kitchen table singing a little song and eating her pink Frosted Mini Wheats.  Leave me alone: there are no marshmallows, and it's ostensibly healthy, according to the advertisements. You can always trust them, right?

Like all children, my daughter is growing up. She's always been pretty independent with entertaining herself and such, and she eschews snuggling in general unless she's extremely tired, but I've always been able to validate my role in her life in the area of food preparation.

Let me recap my week:
Monday: First day of first grade, by the end of the day, Hannah has her first loose tooth.
Wednesday: Hannah wants to sit on the couch and read her practice books from school all by herself, so please just leave her alone.
Saturday: Independent breakfast preparation and scolding for believed omission of promised library trip, both provided by Hannah.

Take it easy, kid, it's 9:30. And did you happen to make my coffee while you were in there?


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