Tuesday, August 9, 2011

It's Duck Season

Whew, was Saturday ever a bad day.  Super crazy-town.  I mean, typically sane clients acting squirrelly.  It's a word: I said it, therefore it is a word. Do NOT refer to this post. I mean it. 

Anyway. Talking with a co-worker Monday morning I discovered that everyone's clients were squirrelly last week.  Everyone including me and Chery.  That's a representative sample, I think.  So we decided to declare this week to be the opposite of Squirrel Week, in the hope that magical thinking could work out in our favor for once. It took a moment, but we settled on Ducks.

There is a retention pond in my neighborhood which is a very fecund breeding ground for Muscovy ducks.  So there are usually several wandering around the neighborhood at any given rush-hour to remind the rest of us that we should settle down.  This morning there was a row of 3 of them ranged across the road,  just checking out the scenery. One was sitting in the middle of my lane. Another was waddling slowly back and forth across the other lane, while a third just stood half-way to the curb looking on.  So I stopped and waited for someone to move.  Those guys were not in any particular hurry. I especially liked the one just sitting down in the middle of the road. It was a long walk from the pond, he needed a break. He just stared at me. Number 2 eventually picked a lane, and I drove around the bunch of them.

So in the course of my discussion with my co-worker, we determined that for this week, we would advise clients to sit down and rest when they're tired, maybe take a little float on the pond. And if all else fails, eat a bug.

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