Sunday, November 6, 2011

Because Guilt is the most valuable super power of all, children.

Ahh.  So. I posted that bit about "Maryanne" on Friday, and the first person to make a comment about it on my Facebook page was the actual Maryanne.  Her comment sounded like she realized it was her.  So I asked about her goldfish, and then she was all like "OMG, That was me?!?!" and I was all like "Um. Yeah?"

She laughed at me, rightly so, and the next thing I knew, I have 10 followers again.

Followers?  Like some kind of a cult leader?  That's kind of cool. How do I get some more?

Now I see that, as mothers all over the world have shown us for centuries, guilt can be your friend, if you are smart enough to employ it on others before they pitch it at you.

What have we learned today, class?
That not everyone assumes that veiled messages are directed at them.
It's okay to repeat things until people do what you want.
It's perfectly acceptable to make vaguely self-deprecating jokes in an effort to gain sympathy attention.

Good work, everyone. Let's go out for recess!

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