Saturday, November 5, 2011

Bed Time: The Next Generation

We bought Hannah a new bed.  Really, what I wanted were some big, white stackable storage bins from Company Kids to try to control the growing pile of stuffed animals in the corner of her room.  Dave suggested something a little more radical. We got a loft bed with a matching cabinet for underneath.  It will quickly be augmented by a matching dresser, because I just noticed yesterday the track on one of the drawers of her dresser is broken.

I had a little thing going: bright colors with white chair rail, and a white bed to go with it.  The other furniture is not white, but I figured I'd eventually get it matched up.  However, at the rate I've been going, she'd be a junior in high school before I got a white book case or dresser in there. Just as well to start over.

The bonus reason for this new bed is that it is not sturdy enough to handle the weight of a full grown parent as well as Hannah.  So no more snuggle-to-sleep nights.  This may be as difficult for me as it is for her.  I've been thinking recently that she's a little old for this business, but Hannah doesn't give up any fight willingly.  It's a good sign for the future, I'm sure, but it's a little irritating when your 6 year old isn't willing to just cede a point without every possible attempt at swaying your opinion.  My husband has said recently that we ought to "wean her off" the whole can-I-have-some-snuggles thing.  Psht.  Not my daughter. She doesn't take well to weaning.  I remember what happened when I tried to wean her off breast feeding  She won, and that continued for another mrphl-mrphl months. It's cold turkey, a week of screaming, and be done with it with this child.

So beginning tonight, there's a new plan afoot: bedtime stories on the floor together, then Hannah, on her own, climbs up the ladder and goes to sleep.  Stay tuned for the excruciatingly explicit account of the drama that follows.

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