Friday, November 11, 2011

Vassal of the Road?

My sister and I have this ongoing rant about hipsters that boils down to this:  Anyone who is trying that hard to look like he doesn't care what anyone thinks clearly does care.  Just admit it and move on. And we all know that beer tastes bad, quit pretending you like it.

I can spare you the other details of the rant, you pretty much get the gist from that.  Forced irony is not ironic. It's pretty much what it purports to be: dorky and pretentious.

Today my husband and I made a completely un-ironic trip to the RV show in Tampa.  I try to be stylish, not a complete dweeb, and at least know what people are talking about in terms of fashion. But I like camping. And hiking. And sometimes bicycling. And definitely vacationing. But I hate hotels.  I hate unpacking and repacking multiple times in a tour-type vacation, which we usually take. I really hate lugging a bunch of kid-stuff around, in and out of hotels.  It was particularly embarrassing to me when Hannah was really small and I basically brought a whole kitchen cabinet worth of food with me when we travelled. I don't know why I was embarrassed, I know other people do it too.  I just felt like a vagrant checking in with an armload of Publix bags.

So we have been talking for a couple of years about getting a travel trailer.  We went to the RV show first thing in the morning, so we could wander into as many of the Units as we wanted without having to wait for other people to get out first.  We started out in the enormous motor coaches, because, why not?  Now we are not remotely in the market for something of that size; they cost more than the value of my house if you buy them new.  They're ridiculous. There were some that were nearly as big as my house. They certainly had better appointed kitchens than I do. Some had actual ovens. Outdoor kitchens with flat screen TV, in addition to the inside kitchen. A couple had washer-dryer units. One had shoe cubbies in the bedroom closet.  These things are not for camping, of that I am sure.  Who takes 8 pair of shoes camping?

The ones I like are more of this nature

I like that every little space is utilized, I like that everything fastens down so it doesn't roll around while you're driving.  I I like that you don't have to have a 2-ton pickup to tow it.  There was one there that was so small I'm pretty sure you could tow it with the bicycle they had strapped to the top of it.  These little ones would allow for actual camping, not just living in travel parks.

Maybe I could get something like this.

It's probably in my budget.

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