Thursday, November 3, 2011

what is it with November?

November is, it would seem, National Do Some Stuff Month.  I've seen bloggers I follow talking about two different NaSome-SomethingMo so far this month, and I'd like to say that I'll participate, but I'm sure to get distracted by something shiny or cookie-like along the way.

There is a National Novel Writing Month pledge of writing 50,000 words on your very own novel.  Not that I'd try to write a novel.  I have some snarky and some soothing things to say sometimes, but that doesn't amount to a story other than my own.  And really, other than in these little snapshots I post, who wants to read that. There's a hell of a lot of folding laundry in there, and that does NOT make for good literature, as far as I'm concerned.

Much more reasonably, there is also a National Blog Post Month pledge of posting every day in November. Except for the fact that I already missed a day, I guess I could probably do that. Unless someone wants me to make cookies. Because I'll drop everything for some sugar, butter and flour.

Which leads me to some other National Some-Something Months that I've seen about November.  It's National Diabetes Month.  I assume this has to do with raising awareness, promotion of healthy lifestyle choices and timely acquisition of testing and medical care.  Sorry. I'll be too busy with the aforementioned butter and sugar.

It is also National Adoption Month.  Not sure I can get involved with that one; I have all I can handle with one little Jumping Bean around the house.  But I'd make cookies for all those other kids.  It's National Family Caregivers Month... again, cookies, anyone?  Although I'm sure what they'd prefer is a night off so they could go to a movie or something.

I like to think of the period from November 1 to January 1 as The Cooking Season.  I do love baking, and have been known to make quantities of cookies best estimated in metric tons in the weeks leading up to Christmas, but I also love-love-love cooking Thanksgiving dinner.  I take two or three days about it.  This year I'm not doing it, because we'll be spending the day with family a couple hours south, but I've made it clear that I'm willing to make as much of the dinner and truck it down there as would be helpful. I don't want to imply that my stuff is better than everyone else's; I just love the food!

So check back every day this month, and bring all your friends, to see how many days I make it before I'm abducted by my own gingerbread men. 


  1. Today is national husband cooks dinner day AND national sandwich day. I am dead serious. And there is no way that could be a coincidence.

    I'm doing Novel writing month and my novel sucks. Just so you know.

  2. I'm already feeling pressured about posting every day, Mary, so I'm doing even worse. Or is that better? What does it mean if I wimp out on a wimpier commitment?

  3. I would like some cookies, but I would also like to read things you post each day (or each day I remember to check my damned google reader. I am much better at reading things that are posting on facebook).