Sunday, November 27, 2011

Do you know what I mean?

It's been fourteen hours since I don't know when...

Actually, I know when, what I'm wondering is why? I don't know why I unpacked the little kicking monster that sings Ma-na-ma-na and a scat-version of Deck the Halls in the voice of Dr. Teeth.  My daughter already thinks Ma-na-ma-nah is a good song. Now we have an instant-play short version of it sitting on a shelf.  My sister gave it to me a couple years ago at Christmas when Hannah was small enough to get all freaked out by the kicking monster.  I judiciously packed it away and forgot about it.  Until Saturday, for some stupid reason.

Dave asked Hannah, after about an hour, whether she knew what "defenestrate" means.  She, naturally, answered in the negative, and he, graciously, offered to demonstrate.  I almost let him.  Except the windows weren't open, and I've done all the home-improvement I'm in the market for this year.

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